January 1-3 The New Year Prayer Service
13th The New Year Greetings Ceremony
February 3 The Setsubun (Seasonal Division) Ceremony
15th The Shakyamuni Buddha Nirvana Day Service
16th The Founder’s Birth Celebration Ceremony
March Vernal Equinox Week The Spring Higan Segaki (Feeding the Deceased) Service
April 6 to 8 The Shakyamuni Buddha’s Birth Celebration Service
28th The Proclamation Commemorative Ceremony
May 3-5 The Thousand-Fold Sutra Reciting Ceremony
12th The Izu Persecution Remembrance Service
June 1 The Founder’s Robe Change Ceremony
15-17th The Temple Opening Commemorative Service
July 16 The Ullambana Segaki (Feeding the Deceased) Service
August 18 The Segaki (Feeding the Deceased) Service for War Martyrs
27th The Matsuba-gayatsu Persecution Remembrance Service
September 12 The Ryuko Persecution Remembrance Service
Autumnal Equinox Week The Autumn Higan Segaki (Feeding the Deceased) Service
October 1 The Founder’s Robe Change Ceremony
11-13th The Founder’s Passing Remembrance Ceremony
25th The Nichien Shonin Honoring Service
November 11 The Komatsubara Persecution Remembrance Service
1st-15th The Seven-Five-Three-Year Celebration Service
December 8 The Shakyamuni Buddha Bodhi Day Service
31th Year-End Bell-Ringing

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