May 12th
The Izu Persecution Remembrance Service

One of the services to remember the persecutions inflicted upon Nichiren Shonin for propagating the Lotus Sutra, this service is specifically dedicated for his exile to the Izu peninsula on May 12, 1261. This incident occurred in relation to an attack at Matsuba-gayatsu (a Kamakura venue) caused by his presentation of gRissho Ankoku Ronh (his ideas on how false teachings can affect the nation) to the Kamakura government, which he survived and sheltered under the protection of Toki Jonin in Shimofusa (Chiba Prefecture). However, when he resumed his propagation on returning to Kamakura, the government decided to exile him from Yuigahama, Kamakura to Izu, deeming him a threat to social stability.